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  • Canada

    More later…but have just got back at 1 this morning from the University of Windsor,Ontario,(canada..and yes there was snow) Conference on Commedia Dell’arte….an excellent and unique assemblage of people and maestros:Carlo Boso, Antonio Fava, Teatro Punto, Joan Schirle, plus loads of others, shows, inspiration, thought and demonstrations.


  • Commedia is Dead, Long live Commedia

    It is with regret that I pass on the news of the recent death of one of the UK’s finest mask makers, Ninian Kinnear-Wilson. An old time friend and a person whose skill, supreme artistry in his field and enthusiasm inspired and amazed those who saw and used his masks. He died last week week, at home, quickly and without pain. He will be missed and we will not see his like again. Off to make mask for the Andreini clan….

  • Commedia dell’arte starts here

    For those of you who have just wandered in off the street, maybe in search of Theatre,maybe in search of the mythical beast called Commedia Dell’arte, look no further. Old Spot Theatre and myself do both,sometimes by performing, sometimes by lecturing, sometimes by teaching and sometimes just by talking about it. This coming weekend I am off to Windsor,Ontario to attend a Commedia dell’arte academic symposium,meet people, talk shop and be amazed if Antonio Fava and Carlo Boso both turn up .Two maestros in their field in the same place for maybe the first time. I also hope to be meeting some distinguished folk in the field and ask them to contribute to a volume I am putting together with Ms Judith Chaffee from the University of Boston: the subject ? Commedia dell’arte of course.